Appin, Intertek launch IT certification

IT and information security consulting firm Appin today said it will offer application/software security audit and certification under the ‘APPSEC’ brand.

”We will offer software security audit and certification under the brand name of ‘APPSEC’. This will be done in a 50:50 partnership with Intertek,” Appin Director Rajat Khare said. Appsec will be owned by Intertek and technically supported by Appin, he added.

The certification, which will be valid for three years, will require maintenance audit every year in case of any revisions in the standard.

”Appin plans to test and certify over 3,000 applications in India in the next three years, targeting 25 million dollars of revenues,” Appin Director, Rajat Khare said. I

ntertek, a three-billion-dollar company is a global leader in testing, inspection and certification of products, commodities and systems. It has a market capitalisation of 1.5 billion pounds with India operations contributing Rs 200 crore.

The primary functional areas of application of this certification will be customer care, billing, lending softwares, e-Banking, trading, e-Commerce, project management, ERP, CRM, SRM, legacy, learning and course management, websites etc.