Information security firm and Manipal come together to bolster India’s e-defence

Appin-TechnologyIn today’s networked world, to bolster India’s e-defence, a leading information technology firm has tied up with one of the leading universities of India to train young minds about different kinds of security solutions, and strengthen the nation in a different manner.

In the age of computers, there have been regular reports of information security being compromised, and there is a view that offering information security as a core teaching tool will go a long way in securing networks.

It has been reported in the recent past that educational establishments in India and neighbouring IT-conscious regions are lagging behind on updating themsleves about latest developments on information security.

A majority of students are still being offered basic IT skills such as software programming and database management on a mass scale, which is in sharp contrast to their counterparts around the world.

In a clean break from this trend, Appin Security and Manipal Global Education (MaGE) have entered into a private partnership to launch Certification and Diploma Programs in information security, which is rated among the top five IT-professional courses in the country.

These two programmes-namely Certification Program in Information Security and Diploma Program in Information Security-are comprehensive, meticulous and at par with courses existing in other parts of the world.

The comprehensive curriculum includes the very latest in skills-building and vendor-specific training from industry leaders. These training programmes are a judicious amalgamation of online training and face-to-face sessions, conducted by the industry experts.

The online training is imparted through MaGE’s ‘EduNxt Platform’ and the students are equipped with ‘Self Learning’ materials to achieve the best results.

The geographical spread of the training is a critical factor in giving opportunity to students from all across the country. Classes will be delivered in Bangalore, Pune, Mumbai, Delhi and three other major Indian cities. After the successful completion of the course, students will get internationally recognized joint certifications from Appin and MaGE.

That information security engineers are in demand can be gleaned from the fact that one in three of all computer security jobs advertised were for them.Last year, nearly 25 percent of job postings were for security analysts, underlining the growing need for information security efforts. Appin Security and MaGE are committed to reducing this e-defence deficit, while providing inspiration for others.

As information security incidents grab headlines and the Indian business sectors becomes increasingly information-centric and network-reliant, these kind of courses can help organisations protect themselves from emerging threats. (ANI)


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