Aakash Institute promoting tab based education in Chhattisgarh

Aakash Institute promoted the tablet based education in Bhilai (Chattisgarh), in the form of Diksha, by using its Aakash I-Tutor. A multi agency approached the Aakash Institute to promote the event with fun based incorporated learning process. As a result of that, the institution also did its brand promotion.

Promotion for Digital Revolution Of Knowledge Sharing, also known as Diksha, was done in three stages and the campaign was active for two weeks in which numerous students participated. The campaign was initiated with the help of print and outdoor promotions and various schools were contacted after that in which students between class 8th and 12th were targeted. These two stages helped in sorting out the talent when 12,000 students participated in Psychometric Aptitude Test. A bus was fabricated as a medium for students to experience the Aakash I-Tutor.

Pre installed tabs in the bus, gave the students a hands-on-experience of the product. Once the online tests were complete, students along with their parents were invited to the seminar on October 19. Motivational speaker, Dr. Radha Krishnan Pillai was invited to deliver a speech to inspire students to aim high and achieve their goals with the help of Aakash i Tutor. This entire 3 stage affair was experienced by a whopping 5000 people. In the end, iPhone 5S, laptops and tabs were given to the lucky winners.

The Director of Aakash Educational Services, Aakash Chaudhary highlighted the objective of the activity by saying, “We wanted to promote digital education amongst students and aiming to introduce Aakash iTutor as a boon to Digital Revolution Of Knowledge Sharing, Brand Promotions conceptualized and executed Aakash Diksha Campaign, we conducted a free Aptitude test in the schools of Bhilai, this test allows students to understand the hidden flames/ talent in him/her.

Commenting on the success of the event, Sunil Kutty Menon, Director, Brand Promotions said, “I-tutor form Aakash Institute is an innovative medium of learning. Hence our activity of Aptitude Tests at schools and mobile vans attracted a huge interest from the students towards the evening. Bhilai was a challenge for us, but our Delhi team ably led by Kapil Kashyap, Business Head (North)​ along with Aakash Institute successfully executed the entire two-week decisive campaign without any hitches.”​