Exam bells still ringing for CBSE students, developments awaited

NEW DELHI: Hampered holiday plans, clashes with entrance exam dates, going back to tuitions, and the fear of facing the exams again – clearly sum up the problems being faced by CBSE students of class 10 and 12 across the country.

A class 10 student and Delhi Congress chief Ajay Maken’s son, Aujaswi Maken said “We are very disappointed with CBSE’s decision. The CBSE chairman was aware of the Mathematics exam leak. They should have taken the decision and cancelled the exam early. We wanted to go for vacation, but our plans are cancelled now.”

Vanshika, another class 12 student who has to reappear for the Economics exam, spoke “First, CBSE should have made sure there was no paper leak. Why should we suffer for someone else’s mistakes and reappear. The exam was good but now we have to prepare again. Also, my film making exams are clashing with the tentative dates that CBSE has announced on television.”

The stress level in students is completely visible and they are very vocal about it. Moreover, it is the dates that are worrying them. With life changing decisions and entrance exams, CBSE’s move has left the children with no choices.

Manisha, a class 12 student from Haryana had enrolled in various crash courses for the preparation of entrance examination. “My entrance tests are lined up from April 20. I had enrolled in different crash courses and now I am confused. Should I prepare for the re-examination or for my upcoming entrance exams.

Children were being offered the paper for money a day before and even on the day of examination. “I studied 16 hours every day to prepare for my exams. And then you come to know that the papers were leaked. If it was done once, what is the guarantee that it won’t be done again? It is the fault of the system, why should the students suffer?” said Nikhil, a class 12 student from Amity International School, Gurgaon.

With no clue about the future, students are banking upon the wise decision makers of CBSE to come up with a strategy that helps them save time. At a stage where every moment is crucial and can help a child build his or her career, a statement is yet awaited from CBSE.

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