Orange City Hospital and Research Institute conducts medicolegal orientations

Looking at the expanding number of suicide cases, poisoning, road accidents and the various cases which include police in it, private hospitals are being bold and approaching to do the needful.

These are the medicolegal cases which require special care of the experts and formal comprehension to handle every last bit of it. Those private hospitals which are considering and taking care of these medicolegal cases are likewise giving special training to their expert staff and specialists with a specific end goal to prepare them whenever such incidences take place. These clinics additionally have a different medicolegal division, much the same as Orange City Hospital and Research Institute (OCHRI), Nagpur.

The medicolegal unit at OCHRI is not just well equipped with best in class techniques and imperative medicinal facilities, however the clinic keep organizing orientation cum instructional sessions for its specialists and staff every now and then.

Dr Ninad Gawande is the Head of medicolegal division at OCHRI. He recently led another medicolegal care management session in hospital along with Dr Noorul Ameen’s backing as the workforce, who is a senior medical officer at the hospital.

Dr Gawande specified that being a therapeutic individual is an honorable job that has developed over the time, particularly its association with the law. He told his audience that the care provider, as in the specialist should be aware about his/her rights and responsibilities towards the patient along with the documentation needed in medicolegal cases.

Director of Orange City Hospital and Research Institute, Dr Anup Marar called such medicolegal care management orientation sessions as need of this hour, through which the private hospitals are filling the crevice between demand and supply.


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