Sharda University organising 2nd Convocation Ceremony on March 19, 2016

Sharda Noida Campus, in Convocation Ceremony, which is going to be held on March 19, 2016, in college premises.

Many batches passed from the Sharda University and it’s the second time that the eligible students will be felicitated with their degrees at Sharda Noida Campus, in Convocation Ceremony, which is going to be held on March 19, 2016, in college premises.

Delhi, NCR-based higher education institution is organising its 2nd convocation on March 19, 2016, where a number of qualified and passed out students will be rewarded with the degree in their course of interested, which they completed in a specific timeframe.

The Official Spokesperson of Sharda University told the concerned media person, “Organising the this Ceremony for the second time is an achievement for an institution which just entered the education industry. We are glad that Sharda has been able to provide well-educated citizens to the society, who thrives on making it a better place. The air of the Sharda Noida campus is such that every aspirant aspires to do something more than just ordinary and we will be proudly felicitating such individuals this Convocation.”

Looking at this year’s convocation preparations and a huge list of toppers who didn’t just pass out from the Sharda University but marking their presence on huge platforms till date, the graduating students look forward to their Convocation Day. Shalini Rawat, a 3rd year B. Tech student at Sharda Noida, wants that day in her life very soon when she would be receiving her degree at the Convocation Ceremony. She said, “It’s not about the royal treatment that passed out students get from the college authorities, rather it’s more like coming back to your home turf after winning a battle and seeing those happy faces who couldn’t be happier.”

The interested students, who wish to be a part of the Convocation Ceremony, would need to fill and submit a form at Sharda University’s facebook page under the provided link, which would enable them to attend the Convocation Ceremony.

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