Startup Minds by Sharda University to act as an impetus for budding entrepreneurs

The bandwagon of entrepreneurial startups in India is on the roll with regular additions to it from aspiring entrepreneurs. In the wake of surge in the number of startups in India,  Sharda University, Noida, has introduced an initiative to unearth the potential of budding entrepreneurs. Startup Minds by Sharda University will allow budding entrepreneurs in the age group of 18-21 years to submit their entrepreneurial ideas and win prize money upto Rs 40 lacs.

School students within the age group of 18-21 years can submit their startup ideas in 3 categories- Science, Creativity and Business.  Each submission can be on team basis or individual basis. There would be a jury of 7 imminent panelists who will screen the submissions at 2 levels; 1st filtration at regional level and 2nd filtration at central level.

At first level, 5 ideas from each category will be selected by the jury out of which, 6 submissions will be chosen for funding. Participants would have to submit synopsis of the project online at

A spokesperson for Sharda University said, “This initiative is an attempt to encourage entrepreneurship from the school level itself. In the past few years, there has been an incredible increase in the number of startups coming in India. Sharda University’s Startup Minds will act as a fillip for the young entrepreneurs in schools. We want to provide an ideal platform to these young ‘students cum entrepreneurs of tomorrow’ to showcase their ideas. 6 outstanding ideas will get funding for transforming their ideas into reality. Selected finalists will be incubated in Sharda University.”

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  1. Its really a great initiative taken by Sharda University to root out the talent of young minds.


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