“I want esteemed university like Alliance”: Siddaramaiah

Alliance University

That prestigious institution which works towards the success of its maverick students via quality education by utilizing all its human and non-human resources. A letter of appreciation from the Chief Minister of Karnataka has added another jewel in its achievements. Prof. Sudhir Angur, the Chancellor of Alliance University is glad to receive such an honor from the Government of Karnataka. This token of appreciation has made the University stand out of the crowd and shine bright.

Just before 5th foundation day of the University,

Hon. Chief Minister of Karnataka, Mr. Siddaramaiah expressed his gratitude towards Prof. Sudhir Angur for providing quality education to masses and boosting the image of university which thrives to provide the job opportunities to its students. He also wished good luck to Prof. Angur by saying, “I wish that the Alliance University will produce champions in academics and companions in profession vis-a-vis cater to the needs of the employers, world-over.” He also added, “I want an esteemed University like Alliance to be a knowledge platform not merely to the urban folk, but also to the rural talents too!”

It is a proud moment for Prof. Sudhir Angur and Alliance University on its recognition by the CM of the state where it operates. Prof. Angur has been an excellent scholar and academic during the days of his education and professional practices. He is not only a Ph.D. from University of Texas, but his several papers have been presented at number of international conferences overseas. He has also received innumerable awards and recognitions for his contribution in the field of education.

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  1. state of Karnataka and its CM are really proud to have a university like Alliance.


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