Data science is revving up the IT industry, shares Wiley India MD Vikas Gupta

Correct business decisions are important for your company to prosper. But when you lack information, your choices are limited. Data science is instrumental in making profitable judgments by providing reliable figures and records pertaining to the business or any other aspect of an organization. Data analysts collect data on a specified subject, clean it, and interpret it to help influence a decision on that subject. Data science also comes really handy when you a huge volume of statistical information that has to be compressed into a concise report. Wiley India MD Vikas Gupta thinks of it as the ‘next big thing’ in the IT industry.

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A data scientist’s role is exciting as well as challenging. It’s why it has been proclaimed as the ‘hot job of the 21st century’. You’re likely to earn high with an abundance of career opportunities and progressive future plans. Data scientists get to use both of their logical and creative part of the brain. Statistics, mathematics, and programming are used to extract, process, and amass the data. A data scientist is likely to be skilled in Python, Hadoop, SQL, and various data structures. The data is later communicated through creative visualisations and stories.

Says Vikas Gupta, “India is lagging behind in the data race. It is still an unexplored area in the Indian market.”  Data science needs an army of data professionals who are at the top of their game. To bridge the gap, Wiley India has already developed engaging online certification courses in data science and big data analytics. Wiley India has launched the Data Science Certification Program in collaboration with Manipal Global Academy of Data Science. IT juggernauts are hunting for data analysts by the dozen and there is a huge requirement pool in the market.

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