Neuroscience Centre of AMRI Hospital Probes How the Brain Makes Decisions

Neuroscience Centre at AMRI Hospital probes how the brain makes decisions. Brain has an incredible power to store more information than a supercomputer and to create a network that outweighs any social portal. The brain has helped human beings to achieve great milestones such as walking on the moon, studying the human genes, and creating masterpieces of music, art and literature.


Moreover, scientists are yet to discover the full potential of things that the brain can do. This organ solely controls different aspect of the body—rate of heart beat, appetite, emotions and, most importantly the memory.

The brain also determines the response of immune system to a disease and partially controls how humans respond to medical treatments. It frames our mindset, beliefs, dreams, and emotions. It is the brain that performs all these functions which make us human.

Neuroscientists deal with the diagnosis and treatment of nervous system disorders in the body.  Their expertise is to decode the brain’s command of all its diverse functions. In all respects, neuroscience has made massive progress. Scientists are working towards gaining a deeper understanding of how the brain’s 100 billion nerve cells are born and their growth pattern. They further research on how these cells categorize themselves into effective, functional circuits that typically remain in working order for life.

Brain researchers of Institute Of Neurosciences at AMRI Hospital continually strive for a better understanding of this behavior. How do cell circuits allow us to read, speak and respond? How and why do we build connections? How do we think, memorize, or motivate? Scientists at AMRI Hospital are exploring possible causes of distressing disorders of the brain and body, as well as measures to avert or cure them.

AMRI Institute of Neurosciences is well-appointed with the latest equipment and expertise of highly qualified professionals. With round the clock service, the institute lays a special focus on Neuro Emergency and Trauma Care. It offers neuro care for neuro diagnostics, advanced neuro surgery, neuro rehab and stroke management, all under one roof.

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