‘TsuNamo’ Hits UP Election 2017; BJP Secures 40 Per Cent Seats Ensuring a Clear Victory

‘United we stand, divided we fall’ and BJP stood strong while the divided opposition fell hard during UP Election 2017. BJP can certainly be seen riding high on TsuNamo with a clear victory in India’s most populous state, Uttar Pradesh, conquering two-third majority, i.e. about 40% of the total vote.

UP Election 2017No party has shown an expansion as massive as BJPs in such a short duration. However, that being said, the question is – how?

How was BJP able to register such a massive win and stun everybody with their unmatched scores in Uttar Pradesh election results 2017? Here is how.

Formula 1: MODI MAGIC

Despite the aftermath of enforcing demonetization, people hailed Narendra Modi even in the poorest districts of UP instead of agitating. In fact, voters consider him a man of his words for delivering on what he had promised. His take on the rich and corrupt to incur gains to be eventually transferred to the poor is appreciated amongst people. Modi receives an astonishing amount of administration.

Formula 2: 60% Formula

BJP has presumed that the party would not receive any votes from the Muslims and a majority of Jatavs and Yadavs. This would leave up to 50-60% of the voters under BJPs target. However, in order to make this plan work, the party required a social base.

Since the coalition of upper castes and non-yadav OBCs in UP BJP got a guaranteed victory in the state every time. Not so surprisingly, last time as well BJP won with straightaway majority in UP based on this alliance of which, Kalyan Singh is a product.

Formula 3: Hindu Card

A careful and powerful play of the ‘Hindu card’ was also pulled off by the party. It is hard for BJP to guarantee a win in states having a substantial presence of Muslims. Simple logic – the count starts with a disadvantage of minus 20 in the party’s favor. Since the party gave no tickets to Muslims, with UP it had the chance to rely on the rest of the internally inclusive Hindu caste voters.

BJPs win was a strategy played well by Modi but not all by himself. Multiple factors were responsible for helping Bhartiya Janta Party register their win in UP Election results 2017. Right from the Modi magic, careful castes management, the Hindu card use and mistakes by opposition – all resulted in catapulting BJP to win and redefine Indian politics.