Video Hosting Sites becoming a new rage in the technology driven scenario

Source : Google Images

Source : Google Images

Who would have thought that video hosting sites like YouTube and Vimeo would spark a trend that would become impossible to contain? The prevalence of technology and the advancements it has received has given rise to an entirely new belvedere which is being flooded with videos. An image conveys a thousand words! Whoever said this wasn’t aware of the videos. Because a video ends up conveying what multiple images couldn’t accomplish. This has made the world privy to a number of video hosting sites brewing up.

YouTube and Vimeo were the initial inceptions which till date are leading the bandwagon, joined by various new additions like Dailymotion, Metacafe and many more. The liberal yet regularly monitored nature of these sites have made them very popular among people belonging to all the bandwidths, be it  start ups, youngsters or businesses for advertisement. Then are sites like My Company Video, Entrepreneur and a few more that host exclusively non-advertising videos for corporate and other businesses. This trend is pegged to grow as the world is constricting towards various social platforms.


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