Constructed by Swadesh Builders Bhopal, Kolar Area Gets the State’s Largest Crematorium

NItin Agrawal Swadesh Builders

The people of Kolar area in Bhopal have finally got their prayers answered. Due to the unavailability of a crematorium in the vicinity, people were forced to travel miles to Subhash Nagar and Bhadbhada for performing the last rites of their loved ones. However, Kolar has finally got a crematorium of its own, which also happens to be the state’s largest and most well-organized.

People had long been complaining the concerned bodies about the issue, to which they never paid any heed. After countless protests, agitations and chakka jams, the people of Kolar, Bhopal, went on to conduct a 1 kilometre-long exequy in a bid to make their voice heard. It was only then that the administration paid attention towards the grave issue, and allotted 12 acres land in Sankhedi region of Kolar for the construction of the crematorium.

Now, Madhya Pradesh’s largest and most well-planned crematorium has been constructed in Kolar, Bhopal, through private-public partnership. The crematorium is going to benefit the residents of not only Kolar, but also the residents of Rohit Nagar, Gulmohar, Chuna Bhatti, Shahpura and Hoshangabad Road localities of Bhopal.

Constructed by Nitin Agrawal-owned Swadesh Builders, the crematorium has a capacity of 12 pyres, along with a large prayer hall and a separate burial ground for children. The crematorium compound also contains the management office and staff quarters, apart from several drinking water coolers installed at regular intervals.

According to the sources, builder Nitin Agrawal, MD of Swadesh Builders Bhopal, has not charged even a single rupee for the construction project. According to him, the project is meant for public welfare, and hence charging fee for the project would be morally and ethically wrong.

Before being opened for public usage, the crematorium was closely inspected by MLA Rameshwar Sharma and SDM Maya Awasthi, along with Superintendent Engineer VK Arakh, officials from the municipality, and builder Nitin Agrawal.

Bereavement is an irreparable loss, which was only deepened by having to travel miles for performing the last rites of the deceased. According to the residents of Kolar, Bhopal, the opening of Sankhedi crematorium has brought relief.


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