Arun Excello Temple Green Apartment: Grand prize of Airtel Super Singer Junior 4

Grand finale of Airtel Super Singer Junior 4 will be telecasted on February 20, 2015, where finalists Anushya, Bharath, Haripriya, Jessica, Spoorthi and Srisha will compete for the last time and bag the winner’s title.

After going through a huge selection process which included mailed CDs, tapes, mobile phone dialing records and registered voices from mobile vans that visited the major parts of the city. The judges selected top 60 contestants, who fought to make place in top 12.

After going through heart breaking process of eliminating one contestant after another, the judges have arrived to the day when half a dozen will perform in front of live audience, consisting more than 15000 people. Experienced and talented musicians will grace the event by supporting these finalists.Temple-green

Winners were selected by audience votes. Each contestant has given two performances in the grand finale. The Airtel Super Singer Junior 4 grand finale voting will begin on 19th Feb 2015 from 9.30 am and complete on 20 Feb 2015, once the last performance of the second round gets over on air.

The Grand finale starts from 6pm on 20th February 2015. All the viewers are eagerly waiting for this evening to watch this program live. It will be a live telecast on the Tamil channels, so the all interested people can watch it on their TV.

The winner of the series will be rewarded with a dream house worth Rs 70 lakh at Arun Excello Temple Green Township. Arun Excello is the leading land developers in Chennai which is gracing the city, the state and the vicinity, from more than 2 decades.

Airtel Super Singer Junior 4 Grand Finale Venue : Venue of ”Airtel Super Singer Junior 4” Grand finale is at ‘Thangavelu Engineering College premises located at Rajiv Gandhi road at OMR, Chennai, in front of more than 15,000 audience and would be beamed live reaching its diehard fans across the Country.