Nurali Aliyev is financially supporting new Kazakh IT companies

Nurali Aliyev, one of the leading Kazakh businessmen is on his spree to support growing IT companies in Kazakhstan. His Charity Foundation called “Zhanartu” meaning renewal is founded by Nurali Aliyev and his other half Aida Aliyeva. The initiative will encourage young and passionate entrepreneurs in the startup ecosystem of Kazakhstan to partake in IT advancement.

Nurali Aliyev

The Astana-based Charity Fund by Nurali Aliyev is financially supporting IT Talent across Kazakhstan. As of late, Kazakhstan has witnessed incredible development in the quantity of new companies which have been commenced in 2016-2017. The nation had additionally hosted TechConnect – the biggest event in Central Asia. However, Nurali Aliyev feels that in the time of worldwide growth, it is of utmost importance for Kazakhstan to encourage such matters.

“The youths to whom advancements are a matter to begin their own endeavors and we ought to be advancing that as a speculation for the future,” said the ex-leader of Astana city. While calling attention to the issues confronted by the IT new companies, Nurali Aliyev said that numerous new companies who had a great deal of potential had stopped in the past because of lack of fund. In spite of the fact that the Kazak government gives certain funds, he said that the sums are not according to the venture which is required to grow an effective business.

Mr. Aliyev additionally included that Kazakhstan’s startup ecosystem has a decent measure of confinement as far as the quantity of value that the nation is creating. Nurali Aliyev’s establishment Zhantaru is, in this manner, advancing the youthful seeds which will be grown in the years to come. The Private Charity had promoted the Technovation Challenge which is gone for creating IT and entrepreneurial abilities among young 10 to 18 years old girls. Further, youngsters from remote rural territories of Kazakhstan are given amazing auxiliary instruction, Internet acess and the accessibility of PC to schoolchildren.


Nurali Aliyev who had additionally headed “Transtelecom” JSC, one of the most renowned telecom communication companies in the Republic of Kazakhstan aspires to be a directing light to youthful business visionaries.  As the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Transtelecom, the 32-year-old businessman had made waves from getting speculation from global mammoths like Hewlett-Packard and Huawei into Kazakhstan.


The nation’s startup biological system will undoubtedly be profited with Nurali’s information in the IT in Kazakhstan, while giving them worldwide presentation.

In the years to come, Nurali Aliyev is required to be giving universal introduction to the young business visionaries, particularly by guiding new companies for strategic entry in South East Asia.


  • Mayur Das

    This guy looks like Seth McFarlane. Jokes apart, I’ve rarely heard news from Kazakhstan. I think Nurali Aliyev is doing a fantastic job and he has pushed Kazakhstan on the forefront.

  • Mike Posner

    Good article and Mr. Aliyev good initiative

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  • MGS Hospital

    Supporting IT firms means more jobs for the people, this sure looks like a good initiative from his side and going to brush the status of Kazakhstan among other countries.

  • Sizen Khan

    Blessed with great support for IT companies.

  • Ritu Saran

    Supporting IT firms means more jobs for the people, this sure looks like a good initiative from his side and going to brush the status of Kazakhstan among other countries. And, it will also bring in the needed confidence among youngsters to take initiatives.