Sergio Machado makes it to the cover of British Fairplay Magazine

Sergio Machado , Promef (Fleet Expansion and Modernization Program) and Transpetro’s Chairman, was the highlight of British Fairplay magazine, one of the world’s greatest publications that specializes in the naval sector.

Machado’ cover report was titled, “Virtual Reality – Sergio Machado and the rebirth of the Brazilian naval industry”. He was mentioned as an executive was character of the Decision Makers (men who decide) section.

The report traces Sergio Machado’s entry into politics and how he reached the pinnacle of his career. As per the report, Sergio became the President of Transpetro in 2003 when he was chosen by the then President Luiz Inacio lula da Silva to revitalize the Brazilian naval industry.

The report finds the mention of the obstacles that Transpetro faced at the time Sergio took the reins of the leadership in his hands. The market was uncanny towards Transpetro. The giant had to furnish the order of 49 oil tankers. Shipyard Atlântico Sul, which was just virtual, was provided to them with the bidding for the construction of 10 first Suezmax ships. “The shipyard is no longer virtual”, affirmed Machado, in the report. “It is clearly a reality and a well successful reality”, he concluded.

Fairplay credits Sergio Machado for the revival of the Brazilain Shipping industry. “If we tried to prevent the rising of new companies, the trade world would stop”, said the chairman to the publication.

The editorial of the magazine affirms that Transpetro’s Chairman, by means of Promef, has been changing the naval industry of the country. It is time for Brazil to show maturity as an emergent global economic potency, giving continuity to the rebirth of the sector in the next years.