The Ink of Sahara chief Subrata Roy’s pen bids farewell to Chhabi Roy


After a phase of prolonged illness, Chabbi Roy, the mother of Sahara Chief Subrata Roy finally lost the battle of her life to death. Chhabi Roy was born in Araria of Bihar and married Sudhir Roy, who passed on their legacy to their beloved son Subrata Roy and his siblings. She is the woman behind the success of Mr. Roy. Owing to the values cultivated by his mother, Subrata Roy implemented them in such a manner that in no time, Sahara India Parivar’s name could be seen on every hoarding & television screen, heard on every radio station and emerged as one of the leading conglomerates.
Subrata Roy’s words about his mother hold a mirror to her generous nature and philanthropic ways of life:

Not because she was my mother but all the human being who knew her will definitely say that she had tons and tons of affection for others which is not commonly seen.

It is her influence that we brothers and sisters understood the world with absolutely positive mind.

It is her teaching that ingrained in me to always remain positive minded for others and in all circumstances be positive yourself.

She used to always say that learn and practice to see positive aspect of all human being. I never feel tension and it is my mother’s teaching and influence. Every day her phone calls were on an average used to be 40-50.

Her contact circle was huge. She knew distressed people amongst relatives, amongst Sahara India Pariwar people (who she used to meet) and she will make it a point to help those distressed people. On her command we used to help such relatives whom we never knew.

I enjoy in giving others. She cultivated this wonderful and very enjoyable characteristic that giving is in my hand and expectation of getting depends on others. So she taught to adopt the giving characteristics since that is in our hand.

She was most affectionate mother, teacher, philosopher etc.etc. but she was very difficult in the matter of girl friend. That fundamentalism was there that you can be friend or touch any girl who you shall marry.

But she was a mother beyond definition and I pray God that everybody get mother like her then I can confidently say that every sons and daughter will grow most positive minded with gratitude character and the strong desire to help others. What a wonderful world it will be.

  • Sharmistha Goyal

    Deepest condolence for mata ji. May God give you strength in this during this difficult time.