Virendra Mhaiskar, IRB Infrastructure owner, has more reasons to smile as company shares gain 3%

Monday brought in cheer for IRB Infrastructure owner, Virendra Mhaiskar. The week opened on a good note, as IRB shares gained 3% intraday on Monday. The road infra developer bagged another important project in Rajasthan and this is the reason why there was a positive jump in the company shares.


irb infrastructure owner

A spokesperson of the Mumbai-based road developer commented, “IRB Infrastructure has emerged as a preferred bidder for the project of six-laning of Kishangarh to Gulabpura section of NH 79A and NH 79 in Rajasthan on DBFOT (design-build-finance-operate-transfer – Toll) under NHDP Phase V package – I project.”

This project adds to the existing two orders that were bagged by IRB in the past two months in the same corridor – totaling up to 328 km in length. Given the ability of IRB to meet tight deadlines and finishing the job with perfection, it’s emergence as one of the most-sought-after road development entity isn’t surprising at all.

Other projects won recently by IRB Infrastructure include the six-laning of Kishangarh-Udaipur-Ahmedabad (125 Km) stretch on NH 79 with a project cost of Rs 2,400 crore. Another project stretches out from Udaipur to Rajasthan-Gujarat border (113 Km) on NH 8 with a cost of Rs 2,100 crore.

Requirement for road construction and development is rising in India. With the growing numbers and sizes of cities, the need for roadways soars as well. That’s why National Highways Authority of India is rolling out projects after projects in order to further improve the road network of the country.

Roads are extremely important to any country’s states and cities. Their condition has more relevance than what most people think. Bad roads cause water-logging, which in turn causes traffic-jams. Not to forget many accidents happen and lives are lost because of the poor state of roads.

Any concerned state would want reliable developers to execute road building projects. Perhaps that’s why IRB Infrastructure is taking care of majority of road development projects in India. Virendra Mhaiskar, IRB Infrastructure Owner has certainly led the company the right way.


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  • Tripti Gupta

    good going, sir!!

  • Srashti Jain

    virendra mhaiskar has found every possibility to keep the notoriety of IRB.
    He is an inspiration to me.

  • Shibani Rathore

    Mr. ,Mhaiskar is a true inspiration for the youth in the world! At a very young age he is able to achieve which a lot of people fail to do.!!

  • Shanu Sharma

    At a very Young Age, virendra mhaiskar has achieved everything.

  • Lavanya Sharma

    Virendra Mhaiskar is a true inspiration for young people!!

  • Ishan Gupta

    Virendra Mhaiskar is indeed a successful man! He inspired me!!!

  • Preeti Pal

    Owner of IRB Infrastructure Virendra Mahiskar is a great visionary and a very humble business man..

  • Meghna

    Owner of IRB Infrastructure At a very Young Age achieved lots of things… Tuely insipiration for Youth

  • Neha Gupta

    interesting read.

  • Sareena Roy

    Good Work

  • Sonam Mishra

    Feels good to see how well India is progressing. It is quite apparent the way India’s roads and highways are shaping up. Well done to contributors like Virendra Mhaiskar from IRB Infrastructure. We need more leaders like you to make India a fully developed country.

  • Ananya Rajpoot

    Being a civil engineerI know how multi-layered the process of road building is. But I really appreciate how IRB Infrastructure owner Virendra Mhaiskar is structuring such big processes. I had the opportunity of working with him a couple of years ago and I was truly impressed with his vision towards India’s infrastructural development. Respect!

  • Mandhir Thakur

    Good that businessmen like Virendra Mhaiskar are aware of the problems that people face in India when it comes to road transportation. I am sure road development projects initiated by such dedicated and responsible minds will prove beneficial for the country.

  • Aarti Pahwa

    Delighted to see how Mr. Virendra Mhaiskar is striving to transform the landscape of our country. You have all the support from us Mr. Mhaiskar, keep going!

  • Tushar Kapoor

    An inspiration for the youth, Virendra Mhaiskar continues investing in projects that has the potential to up the infrastructural facilities in our country.

  • Shivam Gupta

    With this project, IRB seems to pioneer the real estate domain. quite an inspirational piece of information.

  • Mansi Chauhan

    Obviously we are going to see their shares rising every month because their projects are wonderful. There is no competitor of IRB Infrastructures when it comes to building long roads. Thumbs up to them.

  • Daksh Saini

    Didn’t know IRB Infrastructure is such a huge company. They have literally managed to bag some big projects and from what I can read, these projects are majorly for
    prominent highways. Good job IRB. In fact the credit must go IRB Infrastructure
    owner Virendra Mhaiskar and his whole team.

  • Babita Rohilla

    Yes the roads are extremely important for the development of country and it’s important to have companies like IRB in our country. I’m sure the shares will go further up.