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Bengaluru is globally acknowledged as one of the top 20 technology-rich cities. Oceanus Group points out that this city has bagged a position in the list of top 20 commercial real estate investment cities in the world. Bengaluru is featured at the 20th position in the property consultant Jone Lang LaSalle’s latest Asia-Pacific city investment intensity index. The volume of direct real estate investment over a period of three years relative to the current economic size of a city is compared in the Asia-Pacific city investment intensity index. Tokyo, Singapore, Seoul, Sydney and Hong Kong are the top five cities across Asia-Pacific region.
“Due to lower market transparency, foreign investment into India is often through debt or at the entity level. Hong Kong, Singapore, Tokyo and Taipei still rank among the top ten with their transparency scores close behind while the less transparent markets of China, India and emerging Southeast Asia are under-represented among the league,” JLL Chairman and Country Head Anuj Puri said.
Oceanus Group states that the index might under represent the foreign investment interest in Bengaluru and other Indian cities as equity investments are reflected by the figures at the asset level.
“The index advises investors to continue to seek core business park/ office investments in Bengaluru,” Puri said.
He further added, “New Delhi and Mumbai have enough investments coming in but their sheer size being far bigger than Bengaluru and the index being a ratio, they figure lower here. Bengaluru is a smaller city than the political and financial capitals of India and yet manages to attract a lot of investment in comparison of its size.”

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  1. Congratulations to the Oceanus Group for getting to 20th postion on the list of commercial real estate investment cities in the world. I am really happy for the team and they should keep up their work.

  2. New Delhi and Mumbai is on the lower position but I hope they will do well in future in the real estate sector and be on the good postion.

  3. Being a well known brand in Real estate sector it becomes the responsibility to the Oceanus Group that they fulfill the expectations of their clients…and I know they understand that really well.

  4. I also want that they grow more in the market and make their clients feel proud as they are the part of their group. I wish them good luck for their future work.


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