Enso Group showed interest to partner with Russia Based Far East

Chairman of Enso Group, Mr. Vinay Maloo met Alexander Galushka and Alexey Chekunkov, Minister for Russian Far East Development and CEO of the Far East Development Fund, respectively, on June 5, 2015 in Moscow. Enso Group is one of India’s biggest industrial enterprises.

Galushka told Mr. Maloo about new arrangements for economic advancement of Far East in Russia. He also talked about current yet new investment opportunities in the province which are allocated for developments like Far East’s. These priority developments incorporate tax benefits, improved regulatory methodology and components of state support for directing business.

Far East is trying its best to explore its own potential and looking forward to attract enormous global investors. With its emphasis on the outcome, Far East wants to help entrepreneurs to create powerful and proficient opportunities for themselves. Everything will help the Far East to find the best outcome by conglomerating its vision and business sentiment.

Maloo additionally finds Russia, an impeccable destination with suitable current circumstance for investment purpose. He also mentioned that late government activities are opening up new prospects and opportunities. Russia has created great conditions for the acknowledgment of different activities on  a universal level. Enso Group likewise showed its interest band together with Far East Development Fund in times to come and be a part of it.

Alexander Galushka expressed his gratitude towards Mr. Maloo for showing interest in Far East Development Fund. He didn’t forget to invite other Indian organizations to be a part of Eastern Economic Forum, which will happen somewhere around third and fifth September in Vladivostok. The meet closed with signing the memorandum of cooperation between Enso Group and Far East Development Fund.