F.A. Construction with major projects in hand

F.A. Construction won delicate for the Balganga (Pen) and Kondhane (Karjat) dams in Raigad for Rs 488 crore and Rs 56 crore, individually. The state irrigation department reexamined the venture expense to Rs 1,220 crore and Rs 328 crore respectively, not long after the undertakings were honored.

The contractor has already packed away over twelve watering system ventures in Raigad area. The Khatri family, which initially fits in with Rajasthan, owns F.A. Enterprises and F.A. Construction and has its office on 6th Road in Khar (W).

F.A. Construction was established by Fateh Mohammed Khatri in 1986. The organization attained a turnover of up to Rs 2 crore in limited ability to focus 4 years. It had business sector estimation of Rs 1,500 crore in Maharashtra before the end of 2010. The organization is a mixture of three siblings’ endeavors, Zahid, Taleeb and Suhaib.

In spite of the fact that the organization began as general temporary workers for structural designing works, however it moved its range of work towards creating government ventures. Amid the year of its foundation, the organization was enlisted with state public works department and was soon recompensed class one classification enrollment.

The organization said its zone of ability included dams & watering system ventures, hospitals, land recovery, lodging buildings, street systems, urban improvement and universities. It recorded the Chilhewadi watering system venture in Pune as one of its prestigious tasks, for which the boss architect; Maharashtra Krishna Valley Development Corporation appreciated their work.