Housing cost to go down as technology takes over. There would be a 30% dip in prices Say Experts

Housing cost to go down as technology takes over. Arun Dev Builders suggest a 30% dip in pricesReal estate experts from Arun Dev Builders have suggested that the evolution of technology will benefit real estate on a large scale. Cheap power sources like solar panels, improved land mapping, and assembly-oriented construction will bring down the housing prices by atmost 30%. A new market is developing that will help house 200 million families living in slums. This will bring down poverty significantly. The initiatives of reforming real estate are in wake of an estimate that 1.6 billion people will have to struggle for adequate housing by 2025.

Each year, 65 million people move to the cities. Real estate developers in Pune are developing apartments that sell for Rs 10-25 lakh and take up around 794 square feet. A number of real estate developers are trying their best to seize this opportunity. This includes names like Raheja Developers, Arun Dev Builders, Janaadhar Constructions, and Oberoi reality. These organizations are adopting cutting-edge techniques to produce fine apartments with low cost inputs speedily.

The demand and price of land is surging everywhere. Property plans are getting tighter and the use of high-quality pre-made units is quite cheap. Computer-aided construction has made it possible for engineers to map out the strength and durability of construction materials. It will help drive down the shipping cost and the time taken to put multiple units together. The construction sector’s revenue can shoot upto $1.6 trillion worldwide if its productivity matched to that of the world.

Additionally, the cost of solar panel units will drop by 25% by 2020. Alternative solar power sources will keep the surroundings green and provide 24-hour power security if the generated electricity is properly stored. Experts from Arun Dev Builders also include the transformation of digital communication in the picture. The absence of support for High-speed internet is also a problem in India and it should be solved by making internet-infrastructure-friendly buildings. Hopefully, this will reduce the cost of communication lines as well as real estate’s.


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  1. surender kaur // October 10, 2017 at 7:25 am // Reply

    With the tremendous growth in technology , infrastructure sector is growing rapidly. Builders have cut their cost as they are now equipped with cheap solar powers and
    Improved land mapping. Looking forward for the investment.


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