Neptune Group constructing Eco Friendly Homes


Neptune Group, a prime real estate developer in India, has laid a keen focus on building eco-friendly homes for the consumers. This decision has been taken by the management as a move to pledge the group’s support towards protecting the environment. To ensure this, the group has plans of employing a number of techniques during construction and furnishing phases of the projects. These eco friendly homes will serve myriad of benefits to the consumers. Not only will they be safe, but would also not be expensive as the amount of resources used would be less due to the eco-friendly nature of these houses.

Nayan Bheda, Managing Director, Neptune Group says, “It has become the need of the hour to make structures that are eco-friendly. Such structures would employ technologies which would lead to an overall reduction of resources being used. A major focus would be on conserving the energy. We are considering opting for energy audits for our projects to keep a track of how much energy is dissipated and escaped unused.”

Neptune Group are taking steps towards reducing the power consumption by making the apartments airy, allowing natural light to enter. Nayan Bheda elaborated,” A keen emphasis is also being laid towards insulation and cladding to make sure the cool or warm air does not escape out of the apartment unnecessarily. By achieving this, we are hoping to reduce energy consumption to a great extent. This would benefit the consumers in the long run as they would have to spend less money on electricity and other maintenance issues. The quality of paints and other substances used in the furnishing of our apartments will be of high grade, minimizing the presence of any lead content and other harmful chemicals whatsoever.”


7 Comments on Neptune Group constructing Eco Friendly Homes

  1. Neptune Group are one of the finest builders from Mumbai their all construction work are really appreciable they always used to do good construction work with healthy environment.

  2. Chanchal Pandey // September 15, 2015 at 12:12 pm // Reply

    What I heard about Neptune Group is really true !!!!

  3. There is really a great need of building eco friendly to stay healthy & to keep your family safe

  4. praveen duggal // November 24, 2015 at 9:50 am // Reply

    good initiative by neptune group. Eco friendly homes are the best for today’s life.

  5. kamal shrivastav // December 3, 2015 at 6:10 am // Reply

    they are not only safe but also good for health. Greenery is very good for health specialy for old age people.

  6. vishal mahajan // December 21, 2015 at 6:22 am // Reply

    neptune group is a well known developer which is famous for their outstanding construction. This is like a gift for people who are planning to invest in property.

  7. great advantage of eco friendly homes are the less power consumption. Which ultimately reflects in less amounted electricity bill. I think investing here would be very beneficial for me and for my parents as they are also good for health.


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