Appin Technology Lab: In times of downturn, India based IT firm spearheading franchise boom

With the United Nations recently soberly predicting that a reversal of the global downturn and recession cannot be expected due to factors like high unemployment, financial sector fragility, heightened sovereign risks, fiscal austerity, and low growth, an increasing need is being felt for trained manpower, appliances and tailored products to meet the demands of the post-2000 Information Age.

Major developed economies continue to experience weaker demand for their exportable items, and this is having a spillover effect in developing countries like India, China and Brazil.

With economies playing truant, people in jobs are on the lookout for a safe venture either as entrepreneurs or owning a franchisee to run a business. The recent trend has shown people opting for being franchisees in eateries, health, education, information age security and business models.

Given the constant change taking place in the way business is being done in the computer-reliant and driven 21st century, now, more than ever before, a necessity is being felt for tailored security and safety products such as unified threat management appliances, malware guard and analysis softwares etc.

Buying a franchise is perhaps one of the safest and the fastest ways to enter the world of information-age security. The franchise is the only one in the industry that provides a retail point for security products, services and training under single roof.

Appin Technology Lab (ATL), with its decade-long presence in this innovative space, is one such entity providing greater flexibility and varied options.

In providing franchise business opportunities, ATL has been providing a holistic approach in the Information-age security sector, and this offer of a favourable business climate, makes it one of the leading businesses to associate with.

An assessment of ATL’s reach through its franchisee operations, can be made by the fact that in the past one month alone, it has opened eight centres in various cities across India, including New Delhi, Faridabad, Surat, Pune, Chennai, Behrampur, Bangalore and Varanasi.

ATL spokesperson Neha Kumar said: “Having spread its wing in major metros and state capitals, we are presently focussed on making our presence felt in tier B and C cities and invite applications for same via its website This would provide opportunities for smaller-city people in their domain itself, cutting out the problem of going out to bigger cities in search of avenues. As a part of its global expansion strategy, we are focussing on growth in Asia, Africa, Eastern Europe and Middle East.”

The franchise is powered by ATL to offer information-age security and solutions covering training programmes related to Information Security, Forensics, Embedded Robotics in addition to ATL’s time-tested security products and services in local territory specializing in corporate sector.

As a pioneer in the emerging franchise industry and a trendsetter in Information technology, ATL’s key purpose is to drive innovation, serve as an industry catalyst and transform the world through stimulation. ATL is in training partnership with recognised international bodies like IADL and USDLA, lending it credibility and quality.


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