Appin Technology Lab unveils new B2B Franchise model

In today’s competitive environment, scores of professionals are seen escaping from their workspace and scurrying towards the promising world of franchising. These professionals apparently have three basic things in common. They are strained, burned out and eager to work for themselves, not make others rich.

It’s a rising trend and a phenomenon that is fast turning employees into entrepreneurs.

In exploring ways and means to utilise the expertise and experience they obtained in the corporate sector, many promising entrepreneurs look for prospects in the business-to-business franchise sector. These are people who want greater control of their professional lives. B2B franchises offer platforms for franchisees to make use of their abilities they have cultivated in marketing, sales, operations, management at the corporate level in their new business ownership roles.

The transformation can be a bit overwhelming, though. However, there are varying degrees of franchisor support processes that ease the transition route.

Delhi-based Appin Technology Lab’s spokesperson Neha Kumar points out, “Years of growing secure and at ease in the corporate environment make it difficult for franchisees to become accustomed to their new avatar as business owners. Initially, the going is tough but we provide all the necessary support. We help franchisees apply their skills and years of professional experience to their new business ventures by providing tools, backend support and developing training programmes. We basically provide mentorship and tutelage on how to use and sell their products and services.”

ATL is set to launch a very unique concept in the franchising Industry with its B2B franchise model, which encourages Marketing Professionals, IT Professionals, Govt officials, distributors, AMCs etc.. The aim of this Franchise model is to fulfil the need and address the pain point of SMEs and MSMEs with its different offerings such as- Internet Reputation & Marketing and diverse IT Services.

The company specifically offers B2B franchisees to small and medium businesses. Ms Neha said, “It is a win-win situation. The SMEs can opt to start B2B franchise business alongside their main operations. We encourage the SMEs to use their already established wide array of network to sell this offering. We end up sharing the revenue and everyone goes home happy.”

Interestingly, a B2B franchise is often less expensive to get into than other types of franchise businesses and may also have smaller operating expenses. Because you will probably not be required to locate your business in prime retail space, your overhead will be less


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