As a part of expansion plan, Sahara Parivar to open 30,000 Sahara Q shops

Sahara India Pariwar which is back on a growth trajectory, has planned extensive expansions prospects. Sahara Parivar’s FMCG division- ‘Sahara Q’ would be leading this expansion from the front. Sahara has plans of having 30,000 Sahara Q shops by the end of year 2016.

In a news release, Sahara Pariwar declared that as of now, there are 1100 exclusive Sahara Q brand outlets across 14 states with distributorships in 29 states and the company plans on having 30,000 outlets.
The company said, “Sahara Q manufactures and sells 895 products in categories of staple, processed food, water and beverages, home care, personal care, home appliances and kitchenware.”

subrataroy-inkSahara Pariwar has eyed Tamil Nadu as one of the dominating regions to begin their expansion.  The company plans to have 21 outlets by March 2014, 550 by March 2015 and 1900 outlets in Tamil Nadu by March 2016.

The number of distributors in the state would also be increased to 200 from the existing 131. It also plans to have 55 Sahara Quality Mobile shop by March 2014, the statement said.

Nationwide, the company plans to have 500 Quality Mobile Shops by March 2014 from the existing 181 outlets, it said.

As part of augmenting the expansion plans, the company would add newer manufacturing facilities in Tamil Nadu, it said, adding the company also plans to adopt “contract farming” in the state.

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4 Comments on As a part of expansion plan, Sahara Parivar to open 30,000 Sahara Q shops

  1. There is a Sahara Q brand shop near my residency and majority of my society shops from there. It’s a home of numerous brands and items, which can be found at once and that’s too in huge variety.

  2. amitagowariker // December 7, 2015 at 12:40 pm // Reply

    Their personal brands are nice. I have tried a few and liked them too. I am looking forward to their variety in hair products and all. It’s a nice plan they have made to expand upto 2000 outlets by the end of this financial year and looking at people’s response towards Q shops, I think they might achieve it on time. Wish you all the luck Sahara.

  3. It’s great to find various renowned brands all under a single roof. Amazing collection and variety.

  4. I’ve got great reviews of Q shops. Many of my friends shop from there. Looking forward to pay a visit and check out their collection soon.


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