GCC countries are preferred by skilled Indians only

There is no lack of recruitment agencies that are sending the skilled and unskilled Indian residents to Arab nations in immense number. It’s not a new concept as it is happening form half a dozen decades. Right around 50,000 Indians are being sent to Qatar so as to cater the needs of Arabian residents and lion’s share belongs to labour class.

India and Arab nations have seen a tremendous fall in the number of labour class people as they are being paid less as compared to skilled Indians, including medical professionals. Presently there are more opportunities in India for each class alongside better living conditions.

President of the Indian Personnel Export Promotion Council (IPEPC), Abdul Kareem considered numerous reasons behind this fall in number of unskilled labour’s recruitment including inclination towards skilled and white collar jobs rather than unskilled workers. The high consultation and recruitment fees charged by recruitment agencies for sending people to Qatar like nations, especially labourers, was counted amongst other reasons alongside their centuries old compensation structure which is not up to the mark.

Keeping in mind the end goal to draw in more individuals to GCC nations, these nations ought to coordinate with the principles of International Labour Organization (ILO), as recommended by Kareem.

President of Mathew International,  specified that his firm has quit recruiting workers for Qatar and rest of the GCC nations long time back. Mathew International is an overseas manpower firm which is based in Mumbai.


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