New antivirus, desktop security software to check future cyber attacks

Desktop Security SoftwareThe new antivirus software has been developed by Appin Security, which is one of the world’s largest security solutions provider company. The software is expected to hit the market on June 15.

Appin Security’s ‘Fort Appin version 3.0’ antivirus and desktop security software has already caught the imagination of many security-conscious individuals and entities. Its version 1.0 was released in 2011.

In the age of growing dependence on computers for every work, there is no excuse for skipping antivirus protection and Appin Security”s new software has set the stage for an interesting launch.

Fort Appin’s full-scale and improved version not only cleans up the existing threats, but also keeps new attacks from getting a foothold. Its managed antivirus will scan the system, block attacks and ensure all the latest security patches.

Appin Security’s antivirus understands that today’s business security solutions need to go far beyond basic virus detection and prevention. That’s why its solutions are designed with the capability of implementing controls and managing policies for large numbers of endpoints and servers… all with minimal effort.

Appin Security”s latest offering has included centralized management which combines visibility into an organization”s security posture with remote endpoint auditing, configuration and policy enforcement.


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