Rajesh Exports – Pioneering the Gold Refining & Manufacturing Industry


Rajesh Exports is one of the largest jewelry manufacturers in India. The company strives ‘to establish itself firmly as a leader in the global jewelry market by manufacturing and marketing the finest quality jewelry to consumers across the world’. Since its inception in 1989, the company has established benchmarks of quality and excellence and emerged as the global leader in the gold business. With 35% of gold produced in the world, Rajesh Exports Group is the largest processor and exporter of gold products from India. It deals in Refining, Manufacturing, Wholesale, Export and Retail of gold items. The company has a manufacturing facility spread across an area of 12 acres of land with a developed zone of 500000 sq ft. . More than than 160 tons of gold jewellery and products were manufactured by the company during the year 2014-15. The company has expanded its areas of operations and set up various manufacturing facilities. The main facilities are located at at Bangalore and Cochin in India and at Dubai in U.A.E.
With a capacity to refine more than 2400 tons of precious metals per annum, REL has emerged as the world’s largest gold refiner. The company has two refining facilities; Valcambi at Switzerland and Uttarakhand. The Uttarakhand facility has the refining capacity of 400 tons of precious metals per annum and Valcambi at Switzerland is the world’s largest refinery with a capacity to refine 2000 tons of precious metals. They are well equipped with the most efficient and state-of-the-art refining processes and techniques.


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  1. As Shubh Jewellers are the big jewellery makers in the market so last month I have visited them in a search of my type of jewelery and I trust I have’nt thought that I can found them but I did. Their designs are so eye catching and beautiful also.

  2. Being a satisfied customer for the past 5 years I always suggested my relatives and my friends that at least for once they should also try to visit them… Trust me they are really good in their work.

  3. I am amazed to know that Shubh Jewellers have spread their work not only in India but in Dubai and UAE also. They have a large quantity of manufacturing of gold jeweleries.

  4. This article has helped me a lot through which I’ve got to know more about Shubh Jewellers and I am really immpressed by them. I was thinking that I should go to their showroom atleast for once so that I can know them personally.


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