“Step up to Scale Up” Approach by Diamond Power Infrastructure MD Amit Bhatnagar is a Big Hit; Find Out Why

India has made impressive strides on the industrial front by producing high-tech power transmission equipment, during the last few decades. Much of the credit for this achievement goes to companies like Diamond Power Infrastructure Ltd. (DICABS) that form the backbone of Indian economy. Amit Bhatnagar, the Managing Director of DICABS (Vadodara) says, “The Company has aligned with the ‘new vision’ for transforming possibility to reality, in the manufacturing segment.

DPIL is focusing on catalyzing action-oriented partnerships in countries across Asia, Africa and other parts of the world. This has activated the collaboration, innovation and commitment among a wide network of global leaders, facilitating strategic economy boost.

Amit Bhatnagar Vadodara

Amit Bhatnagar has formed a transformer division at DPIL by taking over the Western Transformers and Apex Transformers, with over four decades of manufacturing and technical excellence. The company’s transformer range comprises of state-of-the-art power, distribution and dry-type transformers. To further accelerate growth in the division, fresh investments in technology, capabilities and capacities have been made.

In addition, Amit Bhatnagar has successfully set up fully-integrated manufacturing units in Gujarat, with in-house facilities for producing products, such as core lamination, wire drawing, strip mill, winding and in-house transformer oil refinery. DPIL has also installed over 50,000 power & distribution transformers worldwide, including:

  • Power transformers up to 220KV, 315 MVA
  • Distribution transformers up to 33KV, 2500 KVA
  • Single phase track side transformers up to 145KV, 10 MVA
  • Single phase track side transformers up to 145KV, 31 MVA
  • Cast resin transformers up to 36KV, 3150KVA
  • Current transformers up to 245KV
  • Voltage transformers up to 72 5KV
  • Vacuum circuit breakers up to 36KV, 2500 A, 40KA
  • Dry-type transformers

In a sector with many crucial initiatives underway, Amit Bhatnagar’s Diamond Power Infrastructure Ltd. is competently promoting and aligning the equipment manufacturing sector.

Drawing on the experiences of running a successful business, Amit Bhatnagar has outlined the key elements that have driven the industrial transformations in the country. This revolutionary framework has served as a base for global partnerships, honing the direction of exports, and delivering at large-scale.


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  1. Amit Bhatnagar is doing good for the progress of the company. Not only in vadodara but also in india Diamond Power infrastructure creating fututre to possiblities.

  2. Good work Company.

  3. Amit Bhatnagar dicabs Md is giving his best for the growth of the company. Diamond power infrastructure is leading in the field of power and cable

  4. “India means business” and diamond power is one of the example of this tag .Dicabs is leading in the field of Power and cable and B2B marketing.Amit bhatnagar diamond power infrastructure md is doing a great job in vadodara.

  5. Salonee Singh // January 23, 2018 at 1:16 pm // Reply

    Amit Bhatnagar is working Good for Diamond Power Infrastructure.

  6. Diamond Power Infrastructure is one of the leading brand in the industry and amit bhatnagar vadodar leading it in a very well manner


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