Alliance University is back with Carnival 2015- A nationwide Management-Cultural-Tech fest

Alliance University is organizing its annual carnival on 14th and 15th October 2015. Alliance Carnival 2015 has various cultural, Management, engineering, Law and commerce events.  The university looks forward to become world’s top university by the year 2025 with its continuous efforts in the same direction in the pursuit of excellence.  The Honorable chancellor of Alliance University, Dr. Sughir G. Angur believes in the overall development of students and encourages such events to enhance one’s skills and talents. According to him the carnival is the perfect platform to showcase the skills and catch on some fun and entertainment. These and many events like these are representative of the student-centered activities which further enhances the quality-of-campus-life for our students as well as bring in a greater sense of belongingness among all of us.

The cultural events include various talent hunting activities like Baila (group dance), Rock of ages (music), Aura (fashion show), Alliance short film festival, B-Boying and performances by Alliance theatrical society.  Many strategy games like La estrategia (operations), Fiesta de mercadeo (marketing), Finanza (finance), best manager (BBA/MBA), genesis (HR) and business quiz (BBA/MBA) are included in MBA events. The engineering events include Robot wars, Lantrocity, code wars and Big bomb theory (treasure hunt).

The opportunity to showcase marketing skills and test the decision making ability is provided in the BBA events with Round table rendezvous (corporate strategy), Merakinyst (marketing), Finnacle (finance), Sapiopes (human resource management) and business quiz.  The law events include various activities to enhance thinking skills and judgment like celebrity advocacy, provision writing and bail petition.  The Financial, Finesse and Finergy are the part of commerce events in the carnival.

The two day Carnival is concluded by a fashion show and rock band competition.

Alliance Carnival 2014 saw participation of more than 600 students from 45+ colleges pan India and is going bigger and stronger with each passing year.



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15 Comments on Alliance University is back with Carnival 2015- A nationwide Management-Cultural-Tech fest

  1. Annual Fest of Alliance was a completely successful event. I took part in technical events and it was a great experience to be part of such event.

  2. Alliance
    University is the best university. Really good and best for learn.
    Alliance University organized its annual carnival on 14th and 15th October
    2015. Alliance Carnival 2015 has various cultural, Management, engineering,
    Law and commerce events. That was really informative and knowledgeable for

  3. shruti sehrawat // November 13, 2015 at 6:02 am // Reply

    This is our university and I had a great experience at annual carnival on 14th and 15th October 2015.

  4. It’s a place which grooms your personality to both technical as well as to personal
    development. The environment is so cool to have an enjoyable study
    atmosphere. The faculties are good and supportive. I really glad to say that
    I am student of Alliance University.

  5. vibhan shukla // November 17, 2015 at 6:55 am // Reply

    of alliance university was really good and I really enjoyed their. The
    cultural events include various talent hunting activities happened there,
    that I love most.

  6. I was a part of Alliance Carnival and it was marvellous . There were various events related to culture, technical and other fields. The university is so renowned for its all round development not just career but personality also.

  7. Hi , I would like to share my wonderful experience with Alliance University . AS I was earlier apart of the research program conucted by the university. And recently I came to Bangalore for attending the Alliance Carnival. It was marvellous. Thanx Alliance for making my future bright.

  8. After reading this article I feel Mr. Madhukar angur want overall development of their students that is why they always encourage these kind of activities/events which is good sign of a bright future for the students.

  9. rajeev gautam // December 30, 2015 at 6:35 am // Reply

    My sister is studying in alliance university and she had attended the alliance carnival. She shared her fun moments with me. Very happy to know that alliance university bring out their students to another level of Development.

  10. Great Management and Cultural tech Fest. Really enjoyed this carnival. Alliance University is best in everything. Very happy that I have joined this university.

  11. Manish mehta // December 31, 2015 at 9:23 am // Reply

    Alliance university is a leading university. If we saw their graph. It is increasing year by year. By 2025 it will become world’s top university. So all the best for future.

  12. In the guidance of Dr. Madhukar Angur his Alliance University is bringing their name on the top level in the Educational sector. He has a keen knowldege in how he can provide students a better education.

  13. These kind of events helps students to get motivated. I think almost every University needs to organize such kind of events in a regular manner which push the students in polishing their skills.

  14. In this event students showcase their talent and teached got the chance to observe that in what field the particular student has intrest in…So that they can work on that student to grow in that field.

  15. I have attended this event where various talent hunt activities are happening…like Group Dance, Fashion Show, Marketing skills showcasing etc. I really enjoyed their and had lots of knowledge about some fields.


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