Daan Utsav: festivity by Eurokids

Concepts like share and care ought to be taught to kids during initial phase of life. Daan Utsav by Eurokids is a suitable sample of such activity, which is being sorted out to teach ethicss and human qualities to kids.

As being the Academic Coordinator of Eurokids, Seethal Aacha informed the medias that Eurokids will be occupied with Daan Utsav, which is going to occur between October 2 and October 8, 2015. During this Daan Utsav, individuals will be encouraged to contribute books, stationary, toys and all the vital things to be utilized, in their closest accumulation centers that have been set up at Eurokids institutions.

Eminent food chain organization, Oriental Cuisines Private Limited (OCPL) is likewise connected with Daan Utsav from quite a while. The CEO of OCPL, Mr. Narendra Malhotra expressed his zeal to be a fundamental piece of this celebration with the goal that they can likewise give something back to the general public. This year OCPL will be making the longest photograph cake, including grant winning tamil film in order to contribute its bit in Daan utsav.

Eurokids figured out how to assemble a great deal of volunteers from educational institutions, NGOs and business foundations. Besides Eurokids’ volunteers, number of volunteers across EKAM Foundation, Talent Quest of India and The Weeks Agriculturist, would be taking an interest in the current year’s Daan Utsav festivity. These volunteers would be creating awareness about well being mindfulness, arranging school-cleaning projects and working for farmers through weekends.


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