Galgotias University’s GEEE2015 engineering entrance exam faces overwhelming rush

Galgotias University’s all-India GEEE 2015 engineering entrance exam is facing a gigantic rush of applicants – several times over the number that applied the previous year. “There seem to be two reasons for these unprecedentedly huge numbers of applicants. Firstly, we have had record-breaking 90%+ placements this year, with 98% figures for our CS-IBM programs. Secondly our students have emerged toppers on the GATE 2015 & IES 2015 honours rolls. While we know that our GEEE is a very popular entrance examination which serves as a catchment for excellent students for the 14 engineering disciplines, offered by Galgotias University, these two academic excellence factors seem to have triggered this massive rush,” explains Suneel Galgotia, Chancellor, Galgotias University.

However, in the face of this massive rush at the Galgotias University admission gate, the GEEE will need to act as a filter to ensure that only the finest students tudents gain admission into the university.

The university has once again received the DQ-ICT Award this year for academic excellence and placement. Galgotias University is reputed to earn its reputation with leading corporates and national media based on three pillars : excellent global level faculty, excellent industry-benchmarked syllabi, pedagogies and education processes and excellent student peer group.

Says Suneel Galgotia, Chancellor, Galgotias University, “Industry is involved across our student’s entire education. Our B.Tech programs have complete market-relevance and research-orientation. We continually expand our basket of programs in accordance with manpower demand trends. We seek the finest, dedicated student body to round out our global quality education ecosystem.”

Galgotias University has been ranked as the top private university for engineering in Northern India; and is among the Top 20 engineering education institutions of India.


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