LNCT Group celebrated International yoga Day

LNCT Bhopal organized International Yoga Day

International Yoga Day was celebrated by Lakshmi Narain College of Technology and Science, Bhopal in its campus. The event coincided with the International Yoga Day celebrated on 21st June. The idea behind this celebration was to promote adoption of Yoga as a part of the lifestyle.
One of the students of LNCT, Bhopal present at the event, said,” Yoga is a mental, physical and spiritual discipline. It has beneficial effects on the body as a whole. We are happy to incorporate it in our daily routine. I have been practicing Yoga since years and it has had wonderful impact. I can concentrate better and have a fit body. Thanks to our Prime Minister, the entire world has acknowledged the benefits of Yoga.”
It was Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s idea to have a World Yoga Day. He proposed this in his address to the United Nations General Assembly in December 2014. He also proposed 21st June as the date for the day as it is the longest day of the year. Mr. Modi himself became a part of the International Yoga Day celebrations at Rashtrapati Bhawan, New Delhi.
Official Spokesperson from LNCT said, “It is wonderful that we have a International Yoga Day. Yoga is deeply rooted in Indian Heritage. Saints and hermits used to perform Yoga to attain mental peace and improved concentration. Yoga has wonderful effect on human body, mind and soul. It can cure many diseases with relative ease. Since centuries Indians have been practicing Yoga and now the entire world is doing it. It is a matter of pride for us.” As we know Yoga is an ancient technique to fit and relax our body. India is a very vast country where different people lives with peace and harmony. Our Honorable PM Shri Narendra Modi personally followed the Yoga. He wants to spread the Yoga at everywhere because he knows the value of fitness

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