Online practice exams launched by Universities for NMAT by GMAC 2018

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The launch of 4th edition of NMAT by GMAC official prep online practice exams for 2018 has been announced by Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC), the governing body of Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) and NMIMS Management Aptitude Test.

The candidates will be acquainted by the specially designed official practice exams with test structure to help them prepare for the exams in a better way. According to a release by GMAC, the online practice exam will follow the same structure as the actual NMAT by GMAC.

MBA is one of the most competitive exams in the country. So, these practice exams are of utmost importance for the candidates before the actual exam takes place. The NMAT by GMAC is accepted by several universities, such as Xavier University in Bhubaneshwar, Alliance University in Bangalore, Amity University in Delhi NCR, Gitam University in Hyderabad, and more.

There is no difference in the outlook of the online practice exams to that of original NMAT by GMAC exam. For a better understanding of the format, some of the past NMAT retired questions have been incorporated in the practice exams. The candidates will be able to ascertain the length of the test, structure of the test and areas which are being tested across the three sections of test.

The number of MBA aspirants in the country has been increasing each year. It has been the most sought after qualifications for starting a professional career. MBA admission has been particularly ripe in Bangalore, Delhi and Mumbai as Alliance University, VIT University and Amity University are bolstering their admissions among several others to carter to MBA aspirants. At this juncture, it has become necessary to conduct mock tests before the actual exams.

The practice exam will be consisting of 120 questions along with answer explanations that will be offered absolutely free to the candidates to familiarize with the exam structure. Two more attempts are allowed for free, though the questions will remain the same. An official exam pack of two and three test papers will be released by GMAC later. The packs will have two more practice exams with 240 questions from the previous exams.

According to GMAC, 120 out of those 240 questions have not been seen before, with answer explanations and scaled score. The packs will be available for Rs 599, plus taxes.

“The 4th edition of NMAT by GMAC Official Prep aims to provide relevant information to candidates to help them develop study plans and remove any fear related to the testing procedure,” said Vikram Shah, Director, Product Management, GMAC. The chancellor of Alliance University in Bangalore also welcomed the move. He reckoned that the original format of practice exams will keep the students in good stead and raise their confidence ahead of the main exams.

Applications to management schools are rising and the demand to study business has gone up significantly in several parts of the country. As India’s growth picks up and stays upwards of 7-8%, the demand for MBA is likely to grow.


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