Abhijit Sarkar extends Mother’s Day wishes through two new melodies

Mother’s Day is here, and Abhijit Sarkar is among the first to extend wishes. Celebrating the role of mothers in our life, the throaty singer is back with yet another melody. A corporate professional and a part-time artiste, Sarkar touches upon various aspects of being a mother, honoring the sacrifices mothers make for their children.

In his video, Sarkar starts off by invoking renowned scientist and Nobel laureate Marie Curie, who was a single parent to her two daughters after her husband died in 1906. Not did Curie raise her daughters well, she went on to win a second Nobel Prize along with her daughter, Irene. He also talks about how Nancy Edison stood by her son Thomas and educated him, even when schoolteachers refused to teach him.

It’s difficult to imagine that Sarkar, who was appointed as the Vice Chairman of the Asian Hockey Federation (AHF) in February, can be such a mellifluous singer. In a previous video, he admitted he isn’t a professional singer, and isn’t trained in the art. He has been associated with the Sahara India Pariwar since a decade and a half.

His first song glorifies motherhood, and talks about how a mother is a teacher, a friend as well as a fighter for her children. Mothers support their children in happiness and in despair alike. When the world stands against her children, a mother will always stand beside her children to soothe them. The song also talks about how mothers never flinch at making sacrifices for the welfare of their children.

In the video, Abhijit Sarkar also talks about how we often end up ignoring and neglecting our mothers in our busy schedules. He emphasizes upon the importance of a mother, and reminisces about his childhood days and the unbreakable bond he shared with his mother. His childhood memories form his second song:

“Babuji toh the akkhad, khoob daraate aankhon se,
Daant-maar ki loo mein amma, tu jaise purvayi hai…”

A mother is an irreplaceable entity in our lives. It doesn’t matter if you address her as Maa, Mum, Mom, Mummy, Ammi, or Amma – her unconditional love and care for her children remains the same.

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