Chorus2016: the annual techno-cultural festival of Sharda University is back

chorus2016Sharda University’s annual techno-cultural fest, Chorus is back with all new enthusiasm and more fun ensured than last year. This year the University has more than 15 sponsors, who will grace the event with their support.
The three days’ festivity will start from March 11 and end with 5 celebrities’ live performance on the grand finale which is supposed to take place on March 13, 2016. The cultural and academic societies of Sharda University are sharpening their skills’ sword to compete with more than 100 colleges’ (expected) teams across the Nation.
The event will start on Friday, i.e. March 11, 2016 with painting, gully cricket, big boyz theory and lots more skill and fun based activities cum competitions and continue with rangoli, battle of the bands, clash of the titans, quiz, JAM, Mr. and Ms. Chorus, nukkad naatak, solo dancing, solo singing competitions along with style fiesta, where the students will have a chance to grace the stage with their catwalk and significant persona. The third day of Chorus 2016 will give a chance to showcase the group dance skills and bring your inside Ghalib out in public at Elocution.
Sunanda Sharma, an active member of Aaroh, the music society of Sharda University, talks about her team’s non-stop practice sessions for the annual youth festival. She said, “Being a part of Aaroh is a whole new experience for anyone, especially when you are at Sharda. The University is always ready to provide a platform to the talented youth and Aaroh is that team which has another huge platform- chorus, to showcase its talent.”
Chorus is not only a platform to acknowledge the young talents but a festival to bring the true spirit of celebration to life where each moment can be cherished by the individual. A bond of togetherness is developed with knowns and unknowns at Chorus, it’s an excuse to know your world better.

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