China should not ignore India’s CPEC concerns: Gautam Bambawale

In an interview published on Republic Day with China’s state-run ‘Global Times’, Indian ambassador Gautam Bambawale said China should not ignore India’s China-Pakistan Economic Corridor concern. Here is the highlights of Gautam Bambawale latest interview:-

Gautam Bambawale

1. “The China-Pakistan Economic Corridor passes through Indian-claimed territory (POK) and hence violates our territorial integrity. This is a major problem for us,” said Indian ambassador Gautam Bambawale.

2. “We need to talk about it, not push it under the carpet. I believe the more we talk to each other, the easier it will become to resolve problems,” he added.

3. In a serious message he said Beijing could not hope  to tap the Indian market and enhance economic ties if it continued to ignore Indian concerns over sovereignty.

4. The 73-day border standoff at Doklam must be seen from the historical perspective he added.

5. Gautam Bambawale latest interview conveyed India’s desire to re-examine some of the differences while accelerating improvement in relations.

6. “India sells pharmaceuticals and IT products all over the world, but not in China. Why? For 20 years, we have been asking for the Chinese market to be opened for our pharmaceutical and IT products and services,” he said, adding, “…To no avail. What do we make of this? We should discuss such issues frankly but also take steps to resolve them.”


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