And Bhaijan is free. Again!

It was rational and impartial on High Court’s part to ask Salman to mark his presence during the verdict. That restored many people’s faith in Indian judiciary system. That’s another thing that it took him two and a half hour to appear, because come on, shooting for the next blockbuster is more important than hearing your own verdict. That’s the true spirit of an artist that he takes care of his fan followings more than anybody. Anybody means ANYBODY!

The Galaxy Apartments was again celebrating the “victory” of its hero and the roads were fully flooded with fan followings. Bombay High Court found the eye-witness “not wholly reliable” and gave a free walk, green flag, thumbs up, reason to celebrate and loads of love to Bhaijan. Media authorities also found him crying after the verdict got declared. Finally, the known of dead ones are not shedding tears alone.

The whole Khan family celebrated with people, from a distance, who were standing on road outside the court, coming all the way from Ranchi and Pune whose lives’ mission got accomplished with one thumbs up from Alvira. She made their day, just like Justice Joshi. Ironical designation name; Right?

We are not questioning the verdict, seriously we are…Not, but isn’t it strange about Indian Judiciary system that “High” Court fails to find the Patil as “reliable witness”, and Trial Court did exactly the opposite? What the Trial Court has against High authority? Maybe the inferiority complex of not being recognized instead of serving the justice? Maybe! Just a though!


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