Amit Bhatnagar considers Vadodara Marathon a sign of Unity

On January 7, 2018, Vadodara celebrated a sports festival called Vadodara Marathon. Amit Bhatnagar, the Managing Director at Diamond Power Infrastructure, is one of the co-founders of this Marathon.

Diamond Power Infrastructure is India’s largest and only integrated power equipment manufacturer. Mr Bhatnagar has been making significant enhancements to his father’s business. Moreover, he has been awarded the ‘Udyog Ratan’ award by the government in 2007-08.

Along with managing his massive business, Amit Bhatnagar takes part in various social activities as well. While bringing success to his company, he has always been keen towards contributing to the development of Vadodara. He is an Executive Committee Member of Bal Gokulam, a children shelter established by the Government.

Believing that running a marathon is a fitness goal, the entrepreneurial philanthropist also took an active participation in the seventh edition of Vadodara Marathon. He says that Gujarat has always been two-steps forward in marathon development. Expressing his confidence in Vadodara Marathon, he said that it will lead to growth and contribute to the development of Gujarat.

Amit Bhatnagar, as a co-organizer, has set alight passion among the people of Vadodara and inspired them to actively participate in the marathon. He personally enlightened the youth of Vadodara about the benefits of running a marathon. It makes the heart stronger, improves blood circulation and strengthens the muscles.

Held at the Navlakhi Ground, Vadodara Marathon was flagged off by CM Vijay Rupani. Vadodara’s first AIMS certified Full Marathonwas participated by over 90,000 enthusiastic runners from all over the world. Besides the usual homecoming run, other short distance runs such as, Swachhata Run, Pledges run, Jawan Run and Divyang Paralympic Run, were also held.

Vadodara Marathon is an attempt towards a cultural development of Gujarat. Amit Bhatnagar considers it a sign of unity and firmly believes in the concept of marathon – “Together we can face any challenge.”


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  1. Vadodara Marathon is one of the famous event in vadodara, it is a sign of unity and healthy lifestyle. Amit Bhatnagar Diamond Power Infrastructure MD was also the co-organizer of the event a good person.

  2. Vadodara people love the marathon because its a sign of unity .Which help them in maintaing their brotherhood.

  3. Vadodara marathon is a great event .Every year people run marathon for showing their brotherhood and unity . Good event.

  4. vadodara marathon is one of the best event of vadodara,i was also the part of 2017 vadodara marathon ,its a huge event.

  5. Vadodara Marathon is one of the famous and nice event of vadodara. This event is a sign of unity ,everyone is with each other for a cause.


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