Arun Excello talks about the concept of Township living

With the increasing developments and advancement in the infrastructure and realty sector, townships are emerging as the new urban lifestyle in Chennai. Townships are self sustaining and cater to all the needs and requirements of people.  The concept of integrated townships is trending and coming up on many locations in the out skirts of cities. Arun Excello Group of Companies point out that, with a number of advantages and fulfilling all the basic requirements, township living has become a new of life in Chennai.Arun Excello

According to Sanjay Chugh, Head — Residential Services, Chennai, the increase in the price of land in metropolitan cities and the scarcity of land has resulted in the increase in townships in the suburban areas of the cities having low prices of land.

Arun Excello focuses on the various aspects due to which townships are not preferred by the real estate developers. According to P. Suresh, managing director Arun Excello, the cost involved in setting up townships is huge. The monthly maintenance amount families have to pay for their amenities is a reason why some investors do not consider townships. However, he further points out that the maintenance amount includes the amount for all the facilities used by families like security, sewage treatment, gas supply, land management and clubhouse among others.

Residential plots, row houses, apartments and villas are a part of townships. The physical infrastructure of an integrated township is created by the developer which primarily includes internal roads, lighting, open spaces and landscaping.  The remaining part of it like connecting roads, water and electricity supply among others is carried out by the government.

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