Jignesh Shah to prove himself, yet again

One just gets baffled at the news of what has been happening in Jignesh Shah’s life. After all, he is the undisputed king of the commodities market in India. This is the second time he has been under this sort of a situation in the time span of two years which seems to be unjustified. Moreover, it violates the norms of the judicial protocol which assert that it is illegal to detain a person on the grounds of the same charges for which he has been released earlier. What the Enforcement Directorate appears to assume is clearly way out of the line considering the ethical man that Jignesh Shah has always been.


Jignesh Shah,Financial Technologies

Knowing his business style over the years, the Enforcement Directorate’s vision seems to be muddled. The facts are completely against Mr. Shah’s acumen. By the looks of it, it seems like there is no support to the claims of the Enforcement Directorate. The premise of this decision in the first place is misleading and illegitimate as Jignesh Shah was called for legal questioning on 12th July, 2016, asked to stay back and eventually informed about his confinement.
The authorities themselves are failing to support their own claim. So, clearly, the authorities seem to be misled and astray in this matter. Alas, as mob psychology goes, this has given the perfect opportunity for Mr. Shah’s competitors to mock him and throw dirt at him. They only seem to mock him and surprisingly do not take a dig at the actual defaulters. They are the ones that should ideally be taken in. This just does not seem fair.

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2 Comments on Jignesh Shah to prove himself, yet again

  1. Suhana Sharma // July 28, 2016 at 11:21 am // Reply

    ED rather than questioning other false brokers are blaming all the speculations on Jignesh Shah. And when some reporters asked to talk more the issue, they goofed up the whole matter by making irrelevant statements. This proves that they clearly didn’t have the proper explanation of this case.

  2. Neha Sharma // July 30, 2016 at 10:26 am // Reply

    In one way or another, he will be proved right; the truth will definitely come out no matter how much false allegations are being put on FTIL and Jignesh Shah by ED and EOW.


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