Ratul Puri is not depending entirely on thermal power sector

Ratul Puri says, “In the power sector India needs to invest about a trillion dollars to match the deficit in the next 20 years.” The optimism shown by Ratul Puri, in the power sector of India in times to come, raises the bar of expectations in a common man’s heart and mind. Ratul Puri is not only the Chairman of Hindustan Powerprojects Pvt Ltd but one of those determined Individuals, who have a faith in good bright days of India.

Ratul Puri says, “In the power sector India needs to invest about a trillion dollars to match the deficit in the next 20 years.” That fact motivated Ratul Puri to invest Rs. 6,000+ crore in building solar power assets, which will enhance the solar power generation capacity. Another round of Rs 6,000 crore has been invested in building a distribution network and coal thermal plants in Chhattisgarh & MP.

He also explains that Hindustan Powerprojects will focus on renewable energy sources including coal thermal, hydro and solar power plants. Hindustan Powerprojects is the Nation’s largest company occupied in solar power generation, which produce almost 350 MW of solar power. The same has been proposed to increase up to 1.5 GW in less than half a decade.

Hindustan Powerprojects has utilised Rs 13,500 crore in order to raise the Company’s power generation capacity to 6 GW. This amount comes under Ratul Puri’s proposed investment in the Company, which stands at Rs 32,000 crore. All this money will be utilised to cater the power needs of India, which can be done by fetching 4 GW of thermal power, 1.5 GW of solar and the rest of the hydropower. By implementing these plans, Hindustan Powerprojects will be one of the top 5 power producers in the country, where NTPC is leading at the moment.

Ratul Puri denies depending entirely on thermal power as it will cause the scarcity of the natural resource in future. He doesn’t even wants to go with imported coal on which he said, “How can we depend on a supply chain that sits in a third-party country?”

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