Excel Dwellings organizing “Dengue Awareness” campaigns for citizens

The whole nation is suffering from Dengue. People are trying their best to keep themselves out of its reach by taking affirmative action and precautions. Some of them are consulting doctors over and over again to keep themselves out of the periphery, some are just focusing on their diet; some people are keeping their environexcel Dengue-fever-prevention_Asia-Life-Magazine-780x516ment clean and some are attending awareness campaigns regarding all of these.

Nowadays, real estate developers like Excel Dwellings are going out of their league to serve the society in best possible way. Recently they organized awareness campaigns for citizens of Bangalore, to make them aware of Dengue, its symptoms, precaution and cure. People came to gather the information in great numbers. They learned about importance of cleanliness, how to treat dengue patient and lots more.

Mr. R Vivekananda is of the founders and directors of Excel Dwellingexcel dengue-protections,Bangalore who expressed his concerns regarding this fast spreading fatal disease. Mr. Vivekanand called it the social responsibility of the company, to be accountable for people of society, in which it operates its functions.

People, who attended the campaign, praised it for addressing the needs of masses in such a crucial time. They found the campaign useful and pointed out that such initiatives should be taken from time to time, by other industrialists too.

People were made aware about the importance of clean environment. They were told that they need to take care of minute yet important things; like need to keep buckets and other empty utensils with their heads turned over, to avoid excess of water.

Diet specifications were also addressed. For example, drinking juice of papaya leaves and coconut water to maintain the hydration level of the body is essential. That is why it should be included in daily diet.

Campaigns organized by Excel Dwellings are gathering attention and applause from number of people. The company is trying its best to cater the needs of people, keeping in mind the need of this hour.

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  1. Divyansh Khurana // October 12, 2015 at 6:04 am // Reply

    dengue is taking many breaths away..put in hands to strike it off


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