Excel Dwellings talks about importance of eco-friendly homes

Excel Dwellings have been prioritizing creation of homes that are eco-friendly. This is something Excel had been doing implicitly but now has expedited a focus on this domain. The thumb rule towards making this a success is by employing techniques that conserve energy and reduce the overall usage of resources. The starting should be with conserving the power. Solar panels can be used to reduce the power consumption. Excel Dwellings recommends that an energy audit must be conducted to keep a measure of the energy that is lost and wasted.excel eco-friendly-products-green-floor-carpeting

A major chunk of energy is lost when it escapes through doors, windows and other slits. To minimize the loss of energy in this way, apartment must have better insulation and cladding to trap the cool or warm air which escapes into other rooms. Excel Dwellings have made it a point that all apartments constructed by them must be airy in order to allow natural sunlight to penetrate the abode. This would automatically reduce the power consumption.
Another important aspect of focus is using the windows made up of right material. Essentially, a window must separate the climate controlled air within the house with the natural air outside. It must act as an air curtain, preventing the two from mixing. The interiors of the house must not become breeding ground for various viruses and other pathogens. The paints and polishes, all must be free from any lead content whatsoever. By keeping a track of small basic changes, eco friendly homes will offer myriads of benefits to the customers. Excel Dwellings have already used a few of the techniques in their project Oxigen and the results have been more than satisfactory.

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