Real Value Promoters appreciates NGOs that reached coastal areas and saved hundreds of lives

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Tamil Nadu had to be at the receiving end of nature’s calamity this year. Rains in November- December have flooded the state and left it paralysis. V.S Suresh of Real Value Promoters says that the state had bravely endured the worst disaster to hit post Tsunami of 2003. People were forced to be trapped in their homes, livestock were lost, businesses shattered, houses gone, but there was one thing that held on to its ground- the unbeatable spirit of the city. Just a few days after severe rainfall, the streets were getting waterlogged and rivers were overflowing. But NGOs and their volunteers displayed great valor and courage by coming on the streets and help army and government to facilitate rescue operations.

Millions of people were affected by these floods. More than 30 people have lost their lives, livelihoods have been lost, infrastructures have been brought down; the city would need a few months to recuperate from this tragedy. The relief operations had started immediately the tragedy struck. Cities like Chennai and likes had started receiving relief aids. But it was the coastal areas that were affected the most. Places like Cuddlapore had endured damage three times as much as Chennai but unfortunately, had not received any government for the longest time. It, then, became the onus of few NGOs which reached these areas and carried out rescue operations.

Alliance Builders says that had it not been for these NGOs, the toll in coastal areas would have been much higher. They did a commendable job, ran campaigns on social media and gathered as much relief aids as possible to disseminate among the people.

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  1. I pray to god that everything is fine now in Chennai.


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