Rhiti Sports MD Arun Pandey stresses on the need for better sports management

Rhiti Sports, India’s premier sports management, specializes in athlete representation, nurtures young talent and creates multiple opportunities for brands across different sports properties. Mr. Arun Pandey, Chairman and MD of Rhiti Sports, believes that with the development of sports, the need for better sports management has become very important.

Sport is not just a source of entertainment.Today it has become a source of recognition for players from all over the world, and a profession for many. It is safe to say that sports have become an integral part of our lives.

In India, we are witnessing how sports is evolving as a passion, and an occupation.There are numerous examples of potential of sports in India like IPL, HIL, ISL, etc. So, it is necessary to manage its potential and manage sports as a whole. Proper management must not only help in raising the standards of a particular sport,but should also help aspiring youngsters to live up to their talent and ability by providing them ample opportunities.

Sports management has a big role to play,especially in India.With Mr. Arun Pandey at the helm of affairs, Rhiti Sports by the Rhiti Group has followed dynamic management ideals that have proved to be helpful in grooming the youth, who aim to become professional sports persons,but lack proper resources. The company has helped them to showcase their mettle on a bigger platform.

It is also providing chances to young athletes who have limited or no exposure to sports facilities. Considering the need for a significant sports management in our country, Rhiti Sports has provided scholarships to youth and organized tournaments in different cities.

The Rhiti Sports Chairman and MD, Mr. Arun Pandey believes that sports management must include all kind of sports, and giving full attention only to a particular sport is not going to reap rewards.Our Country was witnessing a large response to cricket in India, but when it came to our national game the response was not up to the mark. Even football had also failed to attract masses due to lack of enthusiasm from the sports management.

However, we have seen a change in the approach and policies in the last few years. People have started following hockey and football as well. Mr. Arun Pandey said: “The same approach is needed in the future too.” He has also reiterated that through Rhiti Sports he is continuously going to play his part in sports management in the country.

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  1. Neeraj Sharma // December 19, 2017 at 7:35 am // Reply

    Nice article, Feeling good after read it, time has changed now, if you have talent and want to become a sports athlete then No. of platforms are there to help you to achieve your dreams. good to go Rhiti Sports.

  2. kanak khurana // December 19, 2017 at 9:32 am // Reply

    such a good article,helpful for sports persons

  3. AmanKhurana // January 3, 2018 at 5:26 am // Reply

    You are doing a good job sir. Encouraging students for sports is very good. Keep update us with your thoughts.

  4. sport career is getting popular nowdays. Managing sports is a tough task but a good approach can manage it easily.


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