Sony CEO hints PS4 is in its ‘final phase’

It’s the law of nature for things to meet their end once their purpose has been fulfilled. It’s the same with gaming consoles. Remember when PlayStation 1 was the hottest thing in 1998? It gave way to awesome and revolutionary games like Tekken 3, Spyro the Dragon, and Silent the Hill. Then came PS2 and introduced Shadow of Colossus to the word.

sony ps4

Now, the latest PlayStation console, PS4 is entering its ‘final phase’ as told by the new CEO John Kodera. Industry experts advise that this is not really the end of PS4 nor is it a hint for the imminent release of ps5. There are speculations that the next iteration of PlayStation will be released around 2021, which will possibly have the firepower to render ridiculously real looking graphics through Unreal Engine 4.

PS4 has a long roster of great games with breathtaking graphics and highly entertaining gameplay. Upcoming games like ‘Death Stranding’ and ‘Days Gone’ suggest that the black and sleek console has matured like a fine wine. These games specked with tons of details in physics and graphics will prove to be a stepping stone to PS5, which will continue from PS4’s limitations.

On their future plans, John Kodera explained, “the next three years (will be) to prepare the next step, to crouch down so that we can jump higher in the future”.

More than 75 million consoles have been sold since its release. Sony will keep making profits but sales have mellowed, falling from 20 million units last year to 19 million units this year.


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