Out for dinner, Trump doesn’t go to his hotel

On Wednesday night, President Donald Trump had dinner at the Georgetown home of Washington attorney C. Boyden Gray.

It was a rare night out for a homebody president that Trump is. This is because he rarely leaves the White House for dinner, unless it’s at his own hotel.

It still remains unclear that who exactly has organized the event.

A spokeswoman from White House, Lindsay Walters informed the reporters that president was having dinner with a small group of supporters. However, she declined to discuss on record that whether the White House or an outside group had organized the dinner.

The outing was later described as a “political event” by the White House.

Report from CNBC says that the dinner’s guests included several officials from the pro-Trump non-profit group, America First Policies.

The spokeswoman for the group did not instantly respond to a request for comment.


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