Menahem Michel Edery, Thermo Group launches new lines: Elixir Argan and Botox

CARACAS Thermo Group C.A Company which has more than 18 years dedicated to offering a broad portfolio of products aimed at comprehensive care hair of women, with their brand Mystic, recently she launched its new lines in hair cosmetics: Premium Botox and Argan Elixir that provide deep regeneration giving vitality and shine of the highest quality, specially formulated to protect and enhance the beauty of the hair of the modern woman. Despite the difficult economic situation facing the country and on the shelves of some hair products are obtained, the company Thermo Group sees this as a market opportunity. Menahem Michel Edery vice president of Thermo Group, said “my view is that it is a moment of opportunity for the domestic industry and to consolidate it and seek mechanisms to keep running in Mystic we have the most valuable team dedicated human and that this opportunity with these two new lines: Botox and Argan Elixir, we also serve new target, thanks to our experience and the quality of the Mystic recognized brand among stylists, distributors and customers in general. ” Mystic has a portfolio of over 100 products covering dyes, pre treatment, post treatments, deep hydration, blisters, aimed for both professional use and for the consumer, plus the introduction to our wide portfolio of innovative Botox lines, Elixir Argan and developing new projects highlight the CEO of the company James Bencid. Also they have a good presence in the country, thanks to the wide chain of traditional, specialized and especially its sales force distributors. lso for the quality of its products that are recognized abroad. That is, the mark This in Panama, USA and Colombia. They currently have a production capacity of 450 thousand liters per month, which translates into everything are lotions, creams, pre and post treatment and part of 70 thousand monthly dyes kilograms. To consolidate the presence of Mystic in Venezuela, “we designed this year a comprehensive plan of media through a mix that includes: POS activities, presence in traditional and non-traditional social networks “said Jhonny Gonzalez, Manager Mystic marketing and advertising”. Finally, Samuel Chocrón Obadia, president of Thermo Group, reaffirmed “the commitment that we as a company ón Obadia, president of Thermo Group, reaffirmed “the commitment that as a company we have by and for Venezuela to contribute to meet the imperative need to ensure adequate supply.”



3 Comments on Menahem Michel Edery, Thermo Group launches new lines: Elixir Argan and Botox

  1. AmbarCannicco // February 24, 2016 at 12:40 pm // Reply

    Must try the new lines of Botox and Elixir Argan from Mystic.

  2. MajandraDelfino // March 3, 2016 at 7:39 am // Reply

    Brand Mystic proves trustworthy products for hair care for everyone.

  3. michelmarshall // March 8, 2016 at 4:47 am // Reply

    Mystic gives its consumers best products.


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